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This community is not an attempt to judge or censor the fandom, but simply to provide a place where genfic writers can share their craft, and genfic readers can find what they're looking for. We're here to say that gen can be just as intriguing, absorbing, edgy, subversive, dark, funny, wrenching, weird, and wonderful as het and slash.

So bring us your best, and show 'em we can hold our own!

What's on-topic?

This community is solely for posting and recommending Harry Potter fan fiction that does not focus on a romantic or sexual couple ("pairing").

Aside from that, posted and recommended stories can be about anything you like. They can be drama, angst, humor, fluff, darkfic, pastfic, futurefic, alternate universe... any genre BUT romance or smut.

What's the posting format?

Please indicate in the subject line whether you're recommending a story or posting your own.

In either case, please include the following information:

Rating: (see below)

If this is a recommendation, give a link and tell us a bit about why you liked the story. (And don't forget to point the author to your rec.)

If you're posting your own fic and it's longer than 100 words, put the body of the story under an LJ-cut. Here's how you do it:

<lj-cut text="This is the text that will appear on the cut.">

This is the text that will be hidden behind the cut.


If the stories don't have sex in them, why do they have ratings?

As with films, a story may warrant a high rating for reasons other than sex. Please give your stories a rating based on violence, language, or other disturbing content (e.g. "PG-13 for violence and language"). Stories with dark themes are very welcome!

I have a story that's PG-rated, but it's a romance. Where can I post it?

hp_pg accepts all stories rated PG-13 or below, be they het, slash, or gen.

Where can I post stories with sex?

the_pimp_cane accepts slash and het. hpslash and hp_slash are just for slash, naturally. There are also many, many comms for specific characters and pairings. Have at it!

The mods of genfic_hogwarts are oddnari.

Harry Potter and all characters within belong to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury, Warner Bros., and Raincoast Publishing.

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