The Extra OddNari (oddnari) wrote in genfic_hogwarts,
The Extra OddNari

Spam, this comm and mod!fail SO HARD

Hello everyone,

I am sorry that you all were subjected to spam attacks. I have been a disgraceful mod, and I have learnt why: LJ was not sending me any notifications to this comm's submission queue, nor any comments/messages. That has been happening for well over a year, and so I thought this comm is dead, and got busy with real life.

_hannelore and torino10154, thank you so much for your vigilance. I had not received a single email in the past couple of years from this community, even though I do get LJ emails into my Gmail account (but I got only comments, not messages, and definitely not submission notifications).

Thanks to a person clever in the ways of LJ (my husband), I set everything right (as far as I can see) and even saw ancient posts submitted by users, which I permitted en masse. I offer you all my sincere apologies for the dismal state of this comm.

It has taken me well over two hours to go through all the comm settings and sorting things out. More or less.

I'm sorry, yet again, and I'm glad this comm is not the abandoned, friendless zone I thought it had become.

Warm regards,
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LJ, sadly, gets really dumb sometimes. Glad you've got things sorted out now. :)
I noticed a repost of a very old post of mine; I guess this was part of the spam attack. I've removed the post. Thanks for your vigilance, and a great many thanks for modding the com!
Yikes, I'm so sorry you weren't getting emails! But please don't feel you've been a disgraceful mod, I'm so grateful that you accepted mod-ship when you did and that people still continue to post to the community. ♥
Oh, hurray, I'm so glad to know this comm is still active! Thanks for being there!