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several genfic oneshots (various: Lee, Kingsley, Neville, Sirius, James, Regulus, Lily, Moody)

I was so sad that this comm seemed to have really, finally gone dormant, then so excited to see it no longer dormant! Here's a little round-up of some genfic oneshots I wrote but didn't post, during the time when I thought the comm wasn't active anymore. Details behind cuts, so the post isn't too huge.

Title: Step Right Up (Lee Jordan, Kingsley Shacklebolt)
Rating: PG
Length: 2,000 words
Characters: Lee Jordan, Kingsley Shacklebolt
Warnings: Some discussions of the dangers of war.
Summary: Lee Jordan has the best idea of his life. Now he just needs someone else to hear him out.

Title: Neville Longbottom and the Year That Was (Neville and everyone around him)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1450 words
Characters: Neville, Ginny, Luna, Snape, Hagrid, Seamus, the Carrows, Aberforth, Lavender, Ron, Hermione, Sprout, Hannah, Harry
Warnings: Implied violence and mention of character death.
Summary: It was the people around him who made it worthwhile.

Title: Brothers (Sirius, James, Regulus)
Rating: PG
Length: 400 words
Characters: Sirius, James, Regulus
Warnings: Family dynamics.
Summary: Brothers choose each other. Always.

Title: Relentless Sunshine (Lily Evans Potter, Mad-Eye Moody)
Rating: G
Length: 750 words
Characters: Lily Evans Potter, Mad-Eye Moody
Warnings: Sunshine!
Summary: Sometimes, the young have wisdom for the old. A rare sunny moment in the Order of the Phoenix.
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